30 Minute Circuit

As always, check with a doctor or fitness professional before making any changes in your fitness regimen!

Warm up for about 3-5 minutes (this can be done on the treadmill, jumping rope or jogging in place, etc.)

  • Deadlifts (20 lb bar)


Bend at the waist to bring the bar as close to the floor as possible while keeping your legs and back straight and chest up. Bend back up to return to start and squeeze your glutes.

  • Clean & Press (20lb bar)

Keep your core tight and relax your knees (as in the second image) to help hoist up the weight and prevent injury

  • Row (20 lb. bar)                                                   

Keep chest up and core tight

    • Side Tricep Extension (8 lb dumbbell)

Stand with feet about shoulder width apart and concentrate on keeping your core tight. The arm should be the only thing moving!

  • Squats (10 lb plate)


Act as if you are sitting your butt into a chair. Keep the weight in your heels and get as low to the floor as possible.

  • Lunges (10 lb plate)


Slow and steady putting one foot in front of the other with chest high and weight in front. Try to prevent front knee from going over foot. 10 lunges on each leg can be done while walking or stationary.

  • Plank 3 ways  

Keep core tight and body in an even line. Aim for 1 minute, but you can start with 20-30 seconds at a time.

  • Cool down by walking or slowly jogging 3 minutes and breathing deeply
  • Stretch & you’re done!

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Smile